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Would you be willing to send some of your lovely piece of the fandom our way? We're a new mash-up blog for musicals and the LBD and if musicals aren't as silly as Avengers, I don't know WHAT are! We'd love ideas and submissions from any one at any time! Thanks!


Always ready to promo fellow mashers! If you like musicals and LBD, go check them out! Even if you don’t like musicals, they’ve got some great stuff. Seems like they could use some submissions (LBDAvengers could use some too) so don’t be shy if you’ve got an idea!

Mod Post: Needing your thoughts

Hello! So if you’ve noticed, my posts have slowed down a lot. I had a free trial of Photoshop on my laptop that ran out a while ago, and I won’t have regular access to Photoshop again until I go back to school at the end of August. Luckily I had saved up a number of posts to keep me going, but sadly I have come to my last one which will go up this week. I’ve also got a submission in my inbox I really want to edit up and post ASAP.

So, I’m asking for any suggestions on a photo editor almost exactly like Photoshop that is free and legal. I’d really like the functionality of adding text to a post and being able to select it, expand it, and put a border around it like in my previous posts. Does Gimp do this, or maybe another editor you’ve heard of?

Any help?